About Clare

 I have a fascination with the human form and with what it means to be a woman. I use classical mythology, literature and films aswell as my own experiences to analyse views of women in the world. In my work I use the female form to show how subtle changes of shape in the outer expression can tell of shifts in the depths of the psyche. By combining charcoal drawings or paintings in oil with collaged text from film scripts, classical literature or my own writing I  create a rich layering of script and image to express life experiences and emotions.

I also have a background of portraiture and  'fore-edge painting' on antiquarian books.

I have recently exhibited a collection of portraits that is a portayal of mothers living on council estates in Derby. With this project I aim to tackle potential stereotyping of women raising children on a low income. Through text and image collaged within my portraits I expressed these mothers very personal interests and aspirations, showing that everyone is an individual but also that we may have common interests whatever our background.

I am a member of the 'Derby Haunted House' artist group. https://www.facebook.com/HauntedhouseDerby

I was an exhibitor in the 1999 BP Portrait Awards at The National Portrait Gallery, London

My fore-edge work is featured in:-
'The Annotated Dictionary of Fore-edge Painting' by Jeff Weber
and commissioned to paint the first five editions of the book.

'The History and Technique of Fore-edge Painting' by Jeanne

I was featured in a six page article about my fore-edge work in 'The Bookbinders Journal' (2012)